d. The DPRK on Saturday accused the United States of goading South Korea into provoking it, saying South Korea's plan to hold firing drills again on Yeonpyeong Island was an "intol.

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lear materials. The panel is dominated by science and technology experts and politicians, said Eugene Rosa, the paper's lead author and professor of sociology at Washington State .

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m, and boost efficiency and productivity. The new legislation, which replaces an earlier one enacted in September 1995 by then government of retired leader Fidel Castro, allows fo.

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pproach and attitude toward Pakistan," Clinton said. "Our countries have had our misunderstandings and disagreements in the past and there are sure to be more disagreements in the .

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hich records technical and voice information, would help them find out the cause of the accident, although they said earlier that such investigation would take at least one year. A.

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American foreign policy." "Earlier today, I spoke to Richard Holbrooke's wife Kati and told her that (first lady) Michelle and I are praying for Richard," Obama said in a statemen .

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tocratic government, saying "if somebody wants to see a vigorous and solid democracy, they should come to Venezuela." The former paratrooper described the elections as "a perfect .

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are than expected, according to a report released by the Obama administration on Monday. Nearly 2.2 million Americans have selected health insurance plans from the state and federa.

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STON, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- BP said Monday a crucial test ahead of a final effort to plug the damaged well in the Gulf of Mexico will be rescheduled because of a small hydraulic leak.

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